Speaker Set

October 18, 2011
Kruger Hall

RCWIB’s Speaker Set offered an informal talk and discussion with a panel of female professionals from industries which fall outside of the Rotman Commerce streams. Speakers provided progressive, innovative and proven expertise for getting ahead during a panel discussion  followed by a networking session.

It was an amazing opportunity for students to learn about the experiences of professional women and gain from their wisdom and insights!



Kathy Vurinaris, VP of Product Development, Joe Fresh 
Kathy is a high-performing and results-driven retail development executive with more than 20 years of experience and proven successes in lifestyle focused Merchandise Management, Team Development and Brand Building.
Kathy is a strategic thinker who has earned the respect of executive management as a creative, loyal and indispensible strategic business builder.

Amanda Parker, Founder, CT Media
Amanda Parker is a Canadian entrepreneur based in Toronto, who launched her first business venture while still a student at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management. In her second year at university, she founded Commerce Times, one of the only business campus newspapers in Canada. Commerce Times has since become digitized into an online magazine, and now sits under the larger organization called CT Media. As the leader of the organization, Amanda has pioneered the transition from newspaper to online, and from campus-focused to nationally focused, all while still studying school and working on the side.
Now, as a recent graduate, she continues to work in the digital and social media field as the Sales and Marketing manager at Speechbobble. Currently, Amanda and the CT Media team are working on providing web, design, and PR-based services, as well as a viral news show. Amanda is a strong supporter of the Toronto entrepreneurship community and likes to create partnerships with other start-ups and small businesses in Canada.

Barbara Palmegiani, CMA
For over 17 years, Barbara has held various executive positions where she successfully built companies across a broad range of industry sectors. Her management experience has provided her with insight into the needs of senior management. In 2008, Barbara shifted her full time focus to management consulting.
Barbara designs and delivers a strategic leadership program, an executive program, as well as various continuing education workshops for the Certified Management Accountants of Canada. Barbara proudly earned her Fellowship from the Certified Management Accountants of Canada in 2010.

Ksenia Benifand, Founder, Aeon Strategies
Ksenia Benifand is the founder of Aeon Strategies. Her expertise includes merging strategic thinking and creative design to deliver comprehensive marketing and business development solutions to sustainable brands and initiatives. Her goal is to create a sustainable world by changing organizational and consumer culture. Ksenia is also involved in educating organizations about the value of integrating sustainable practices with organizational culture and policies through The Climate Project Canada.

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